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UNRAVELING THOMPSON, ten episode limited drama series biopic in development for streaming. 2024 (Producer)

When Jim Thompson, Bangkok's most famous American, mysteriously disappears on Easter Sunday 1967, ambitious journalist Martha Stone sets out to find him. Through her investigations, she discovers a man as intricately woven as the silks bearing his name, whose former life as a CIA spy may have led to his unraveling.

Jim Thompson's silk empire lifted thousands of Thailand's poorest out of poverty. A wartime OSS spy, after WWII he was Bangkok's CIA Station Chief. Rumors persisted that he kept a hand in espionage even after resigning and eventually becoming a textiles tycoon. His glamor and elusiveness brought him public adulation... and enemies. After his 1967 disappearance, despite one of the biggest manhunts in the history of Southeast Asia, his body was never found. Conspiracy theories --espionage, suicide, kidnapping, murder --feverishly multiplied.

Producers are Jim A. Landé and David Palmer. Mr Palmer has held SVP positions at Disney, Sony, Comcast, and WMA.


Writing partners Darcy Brislin and Andrew Sands have written a series outline and pilot script for this project. Together, they conducted extensive research into 

the socio-political background of Jim Thompson’s compelling life story. With the cooperation of the Jim Thompson Company they flew to Bangkok to visit Thompson’s house, interview his last surviving friends, colleagues and weavers and delved into the Foundation’s rich archives. As a result, the development production company, Missing Yankee now has an exclusive agreement with the Jim Thompson Company, allowing unprecedented access and IP rights to tell the story of one of the Twentieth Century’s most compelling characters and his iconic brand.

With a strong supporting multicultural cast headed by a Sikh Malaysian Police Investigator, the underground Free Thai leader, Pridi Banomyong, and diverse other key characters, UNRAVELING THOMPSON critically conveys Washington’s Cold War involvement in the Eastern Theater, and deals intelligently with the ‘culture clash’ of Americans in the region during the immediate post-colonial period. The show proves an adventure, enthralling biopic, and thrilling mystery.

Inquiries welcome from talent agencies or managers, streamers, or established production companies.


  • Pitch Deck

  • Pilot Screenplay

  • Series Bible

  • Notional Shoot Schedule

  • Notional Breakdown & Budget

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Viewing daily "rushes" with fellow producers Scott Nadler and Laura Teodosio during the shooting of AWOL.

Below: Screen capture of Provincetown MA harbor from the indie film, BearCity 2.  The wedding party in the gazebo visual effect was "rotoscoped" in during post-production.

2016 Frameline Film Festival screening of Tribeca-premiering film AWOL. With film's co-Star Breeda Wool, Director Deb Shoval, Frameline Director of Programming Desiree Buford, Producer Laura Teodosio.

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