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Film Project Consultancy: specializing in pre-production.



We can help your team's independent film project succeed.  Pre-production is the stage when many films are at their most vulnerable; trying to assemble the right team, attach the best talent, recruit co-production partnerships, and secure investor funding and film tax credit lending.  Effective communication of your artistic and financial vision will determine the success or failure of your project in moving swiftly through Pre-production to the set of your film. 


Every filmmaker's first exercise of leadership is to assemble a small group of key advisers; let Jim and his experienced associates be amongst yours. Film Project Consultancy can be suprisingly affordable, even for Low Budget and Ultra-Low Budget projects. Start a conversation with us, we'd love to help.


Jim Landé offers a unique combination of proven project management abilities and stellar communications skills. From researching and drafting a comprehensive funding proposal for us to drafting press releases and Facebook communications, Jim delivers timely and exceptional service.

- Christine Walker, CEO Provincetown Film Society/The Provincetown International Film Festival


Jim Landé is tremendously articulate both in person and in writing. He can convey big ideas and complex topics clearly, cogently, and persuasively. I have worked closely with him for many years as a fellow board member on several big projects for a Yale literary society. Thorough and detail oriented when he was its Alumni President (overseeing a staff, an endowment that was one of the largest of Yale's secret societies, and several dozen undergraduate members every year for over a decade), he not only contributes his strong intellect and personal charm, but heart and soul to causes he champions. He is an able leader, strong analyst, and wonderful listener--which makes him especially skilled in understanding how to bring people together to serve a common purpose, and how to communicate the steps involved to achieve a common goal.

- Sally Sanford, President of Alumni, St. Anthony Hall at Yale Literary Society (Anthony Trust Association), an historic, $8m-endowed private club at Yale formerly under the 12-year alumni presidency of Jim Landé


Drafting articulate and compelling investor solicitations.


Your investor package must powerfully convey the Director's vision and create excitement for all elements of the film project that might interest your prospective funders.  


Drawing on his experience writing and editing written presentations that contributed to successfully capitalizing several Sundance, Tribeca, Berlinale and other prestige festival-premiering films, as well as his decade-plus years staffing senior State Department and US Intelligence Agency principal officials with exactingly-crafted memos and presentations, Jim Landé (and his ad hoc team of experts,w hen needed) can help you make investor materials that conform to legal requirements while presenting the best possible arguments for why investors should back your quality film project.


Photo: On the set of AWOL.

Strategizing your search for people and capital.


Where do you find the resources you need to make a stellar film?  


Start a discussion with Jim Landé and you'll discover you may have much more reach than you believed.


For certain projects that particularly interest him, Jim may be interested in raising funds for you directly, e.g. for Executive Producer, Associate Producer, and Lead Producer (for funding) responsibilities. Please ask!


Photo: On the set of AWOL.

Listening to YOU, advising YOU, standing with YOU.


Feedback. You need it. But you need it to be honest, informed, and helpful. That's where we can help.


It doesn't cost anything to start a discussion and pitch your prospective project to us; if you find our conversation useful, let the process continue and evolve into a possible production or advisory relationship.


Photo: On the set of Love Is Strange.

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